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Our Store Policies

Things You Need to Know

We founded Allure Pacific Aesthetics with one goal in mind: giving our customers a fair, rewarding and enjoyable shopping experience. We conduct business according to the same values, knowing that better service equals loyal customers. Our store policies are detailed below, please have a look and contact us if you want to learn more!

Shipping Policy

How It Works

The product is shipped within one working day of ordering. Orders placed prior to 9am Monday to Friday will generally be shipped that day. We do recommend allowing 2-3 days for most products. In the case of PCDC- these are shipped 2-3 times weekly.

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The Small Print

Returns are tricky! For the product to be returned, the product must be kept at the temperature it is set for and in the same order it was received. There must be evidence of this as well. Please contact the APA staff for further questions. 

Warranty Disclaimer

About Our Policy

Our warranty is set by the companies we are selling the product through. APA does not offer a warranty as such

Our Privacy Policy

Your Data is Secure

This site is encrypted with extra security measures to ensure all information provided is safe. APA does not sell on any data to external providers. Each client has a right to their privacy. For more information please contact us.

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