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TGA listed, Crystal Meso NBI-300 Cordless Injector is designed for ultimate precision using single or multi-needles.

This ergonomic, lightweight injector is compatible with our multi-pin needles 5 pin (scalp) and 9 pin (face and body)  and syringe sizes 1cc-10cc. The NBI-300 has a suction option to reduce pain associated with injecting.

The Crystal Meso NBI-300 cordless injector has a large screen display allowing users to set dosage, shots, solution type, syringe size, and vacuum suction with in-built memory.

Accuracy in injection reduces product wastage and leakage and ensures precision dosage every time. Perfect for multivitamin cocktails, HA, PRP, Toxin, and filler.



Benefits of NBI-300

  • Vacuum suction
  • Digital interface
  • Cordless operation
  • Ergonomic gun type design
  • Accurate injection
  • Minimises pain
  • Reduced injection time
  • Less product wastage

Crystal Meso NBI-300 Cosmetic Injector

  • NBI-300 comes with:-

    - 1 Box of 20 x 9 Pin needles (default depth 1.0mm - advise if need alternate depth)

    - 1 Year Warranty 

    - Free Delivery

    - Training 


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