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GLOVEON NITRILE "Celeste" EXAM - P/Free - XLGE - Bx200

GloveOn® Celeste® Nitrile Examination Gloves provide an unparalled hand protection solution, whilst retaining fit and comfort.

Features and Benefits
The 100% powder-free and latex-free exam glove utilises high tensile strength and resistance to chemicals to ensure suitability for delicate procedures. The Celeste® Nitrile Exam Glove provide an ambidextrous, fingertip textured, easy donning barrier protector whilst meeting manufacturing accreditations of ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and EN ISO 13485.


  • Brand: MUN
  • Product: Celeste® Nitrile Examination Glove (PHNTR58XS)
  • Glove Size: X-Large
  • Sterility: Non-Sterile
  • Colour: Violet Blue
  • Texture: Fingertip textured
  • Unit of measurement: Box of 200
  • Image is a sample of product

GLOVEON NITRILE "Celeste" EXAM - P/Free - XLGE - Bx200

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