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Please note: Infinity products have a standard turn around time of 10 business days as they are compounded

Approx. Expiry Date: 4 weeks from day manufactured.

A blend of amino acids and B vitamins designed to promote nitric oxide production and boost energy,
stamina and muscle performance.
Suggested dose: 2mL weekly.
Route: IM or IV.


Active ingredients per 2mL:
- Methylcobalamin 5mg
- Thiamine 50mg
- Riboflavin-5-Phosphate 2.5mg
- Dexpanthenol 2.5mg
- Niacinamide 50mg
- Arginine 100mg
- Carnitine 250mg
Other ingredients:
- Benzyl alcohol
- Sodium hydroxide
- Hydrochloric acid

Infinity PRFM Shot (2ml vial)

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