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Tightening & contouring provides elasticity.
Easy airtight care with special coated water proof sheet
Rejuran's unique high-efficiency ingredient c-PDRN
Rejuran's unique elastic collagen Purecolla

Face line and double chin close management of the sheet full of elasticity
It is an airtight care of the sheet containing 20g of Perfect Healing Cream, and the absorption of active ingredients is very good.


Key Benefits

  • Non-heavy nutrition + moisturizing
  • Contains 18% of moisturizing ingredients to maintain moisture for a long time
  • Increases skin elasticity with patented ingredients
  • Expression of extreme dewy and glowing skin



Organic Ingredients, Hydrolysed DNA (2,000ppm, c-PDRN)


Rejuran Healer Perfect Healing V Tighter x4 (1 box)

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