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Everything you need to say “bye bye” to blemishes and breakouts!


This system consists of our Carbon Cleanser, Vitamin A 0.5% + Vitamin B 10% Serum, BHA/AHA Exfoliant serum and Hydra Lotion and Hydra Protect Moisturiser.


The Breakout System addresses all six of the skin goals needed to improve the look of breakouts:

  • Repair the skin barrier
  • Exfoliate to loosen and remove the top layer of the skin, by dissolving the sebum in the pores, acidifying the skin, encouraging skin shedding and promoting natural moisturising factors
  • Balance oil to prevent the clogging of pores and reduce oiliness
  • Remove bacteria to heal and to re-establish the skin’s natural microbiome balance
  • Reduce redness and discomfort
  • Improve the appearance of scars and even the skin tone


Kits make it easy to create a routine and see the synergistic results of the products working together.


Starter kit  lasts 1-2 months and has:

  • 30ml Carbon Cleanser
  • 15ml Vitamin A 0.5% + B serum
  • 15ml Exfoliant
  • 15ml Hydra Lotion
  • 100ml Hydra Protect


Full size kit  lasts 3-4 months and has:

  • 120ml Carbon Cleanser
  • 30ml Vitamin A 0.5% + B serum
  • 30ml Exfoliant
  • 50ml Hydra Lotion
  • 100ml Hydra Protect

Science Skincare Breakout System

PriceFrom AU$235.00
  • If you are interested in becoming a Stockist we'd love to hear from you.  Please complete the enquiry form here   and we'll be in touch. 

    Please note that the minimum order for Science Skincare is $1000.  All Stockists must have a Stockist Agreement before stocking Science Skincare.   Thank you.

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