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Nutrition Therapy Webinar with Kristin Myall- view WEBINAR here...

Updated: Apr 8

We were thrilled to have Kristin discuss all things Nutrition Therapy- compliance and understanding prescription laws and regulations for commercial and compounded products.


Kristin Myall is a Registered Nurse with a well established career in Healthcare and Nursing specialising in Primary Healthcare, Cosmetic Dermatology, and Nursing Education. Kristin started her career as a Phlebotomist in 2009, transitioned into General Practice and Nursing Education as a Registered Nurse in 2015, and further expanded her scope of practice to include Cosmetic Dermatology and Regenerative Medicine in 2020.


Kristin offers an 'Introduction to Nutrition Therapy Manual' and eLearning specific to IV Therapy on her website CosMediAesthetics

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